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What kind of builder does it take to completely restore a magnificent historical landmark in Palm Beach? What kind of builder can disassemble one of South Florida’s most distinguished homes, install modern air conditioning, plumbing, electrical circuitry, and then finish everything off so that it looks precisely as it did the day the original owners moved in – in 1923? That would be Legacy Builders of the Palm Beaches, Inc., owned and operated by Scott Sullivan.

If the word “builder” makes you think of those companies who put together huge housing communities or build cookie-cuter mansions in gated communities, then you would have to find another word to describe Scott. Perhaps the best word is “craftsman.” Regardless of what you hear, most builders have never hammered a nail or mitered a joint. Scott started on the ground floor, working his way up, and today owns and operates a unique business that approaches historical renovations and general repairs with the same reverence for quality as the craftsmen who set the standard for true quality.

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